After more than ten years of existence, it was necessary to redo the presentation of the label for several reasons.

Asgard Hass always poses as a vector of the soul. Over the years and meetings, we have met many people for whom this music does not stop only at the visual and auditory aspect but who really live through this scene, despite differences in ages, cultures, visions of certain aspects of this world. People with whom, despite all these differences, we have created spontaneous and strong bonds. Black Metal is not only music, but it is also a timeless look at the world, whether perceptible or mystical.

Our vision has not changed, we still detach ourselves from any dogma, whether social, political or religious. The years have only confirmed and strengthened this position. In ten years, the scene has evolved a lot, whether for good or bad. We have therefore had to continually adapt and for several years everything has evolved very quickly. We live in a world that we cannot always understand but also that we cannot or do not always want to accept. During these first ten years, we released around fifty productions and we worked with many artists. We continually question ourselves in order to do things correctly and in keeping with the times, which has led us to set foot outside the underground. In addition, this has allowed us to evolve and be able to offer other types of collaborations to the groups we work with.

During these years, we have held a large number of stands whether in Switzerland, France, Germany or even Belgium. We are keen to continue to run these stands and above all to be able to discover other places across Europe.

In a more professional register, the goal of Asgard Hass Productions is to follow and support artists by putting our skills at their disposal in order to offer them a professional and recognized service from the start. They will thus have the opportunity to collaborate with companies that will offer quality services and products, such as pressing and physical and digital distribution.

Today, the evolution of the world and the scene gives even more meaning to this phrase which you must certainly have seen appear more than once if you know us….