Nansis (CH)

Initially composed of two members in 2008, the band took its quintet form in 2010 and started playing live in 2011.

In 2012, Nansis released a first self-produced demo called Exorde. The split "Usque ad Sideras and Usque ad Inferos" was released in 2017 under the label Asgard Hass. The band presents 3 tracks in collaboration with two other Swiss bands.

After several performances in Europe, Nansis released their first full-length "Chaos Veterum" in 2020 on Asgard Hass

Guitars : INVN
Vocals : Haître
Bass : Assunaaq
Drums: Jean "Glycy"
Guitars : Verbluyd

AHP 044

Nansis - Chaos Veterum


CD/LP 44 minutes

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AHP 025

Nansis/Haruspex/Serpens Luminis – Usque Ad Sideras et Usque Ad Inferos 


CD 53 minutes

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