Founded in 2014 by Baltack (Physiology of darkness/ ex Elhaz), Ergotism is a band from Savoie which wants to be sincere by evolving in a black metal tinged with pagan riff. After a first album "Notre terre, nos aïeux, notre fils et nos morts" in 2015, the band joins the ranks of Asgard Hass for the release of the second album in 2019 "Sang Paria". The lyrics sung in French are based on real facts, dark fragments of our history and our ancestors. Currently composed of a core group: Baltack (bass/vocals), V. (drums) and Morgh (guitar/backing) the band performs on different stages and festivals with the support of the label. A third album is in preparation.

AHP 039

Ergotism - Sang Paria


CD 43 minutes

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