Dux (FR)

Founded by Mahatma Glaurung Samildanac'h in 2007, (The True) DUX officiates in a personal and "old school" Black Metal style, mixing 90's French Black Metal influences, 70's rock, old thrash, and punk.

The music is simple and raw, the lyrics are personal, sometimes intimist, often trashy. From the first demo in 2008, the themes are oriented towards esotericism, depression and the vanity of the human condition. These themes will be treated throughout the band's discography, sometimes with humour.

After the second demo, EZOTERIK (2011), the band's composition is expanded on the first album, VINTRAS (2012), with the arrival of a guitarist and a drummer: Anksudams. This is the beginning of the concerts, especially in Lyon, where the band plays several times in a row, and in Switzerland, thanks to the band's new label: Asgard Hass, which produces the ep LANLEFF (2013).

After some improbable concerts, like in a stable in Lozère, without heating and under two meters of snow, or with Cirith Gorgor in a stairwell, the band changes guitarist, and after a festival with Horna records its second album, CARNATIONS (2015). DUX will play a few concerts in Switzerland, in Savoie, and a festival in Montbéliard with Impaled Nazarene. But it is in the cellar of its rehearsal room that DUX will spend most of its time, between beer and firecrackers, and especially far from people. The band will only come out of there to record a split MCD, in 2018, a third album, FUROR ET FATUM (2019), and to participate in a medieval festival.

The composition of the band evolves again, with now two guitarists: Rodion and Doctor Wawa, which allows a new approach in the orchestration of the band's songs. This new line-up will play in Lausanne, in the autumn of 2020, despite the pandemic, and will receive a warm welcome from the enthusiastic public.

It is with this united team that DUX records its latest mischief: SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI, which mixes new and old rearranged tracks. Perhaps there will be one last concert, like a last stand, before DUX returns to the nothingness from which it emerged.

AHP 041

Dux - Furor Et Fatum


CD 46 minutes / LP

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AHP 033



MCD 28 minutes

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AHP 019

Dux - Carnations


CD 44 minutes

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AHP 006

Dux - Lanleff