Friendship and support whatever it takes… are the two factors without which Asgard Hass Productions wouldn’t be here today. The support that was given during many years towards an old band from Lyon. Attending different shows in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. French dates in Lyon, Montbéliard and Lorraine. Supporting by buying many CD’s, tapes and shirts. Not being enough to pay the release of an album, I ended up paying a part of the pressing. Without actually wanting to get the money back… The band did give me my share back… Slowly the exchanges with other labels became more and more frequent, and a distribution list was established. Less than three months after deciding to produce, I gave birth to a new label in the black metal scene. Asgard Hass was officially established during the second Metal Assault in Lausanne on Friday September 23rd 2011.

Today, years have passed… But the same flame that pushed me to giving birth to Asgard Hass is still burning! Today, the label’s only goal is to give the ability to people that really live through this music to come out of the shadows, by releases or shows. The vision of Asgard Hass distances itself and rids of all dogma, be it social, political or religious.

Asgard Hass has accepted and chosen to go beyond. There where beautiful things are shinier than anywhere else. And where what is bad is uglier than anything you had ever seen before.

Asgard Hass decided to place itself as the only vector that is, in my eyes, currently still practicable for this kind of music, as a spiritual vector: the soul.

There is still something to draw from this music… But never forget…